Why buy a new build apartment or house?

When you are looking for a new home in Spain or even that holiday home there is much to consider on your wish list. So, when faced with choosing a property why buy a new build? Why not, is what we say, and here are a few reasons.

  1. Buying into a new development early could increase your opportunity to benefit from capital appreciation. Why? The first investors in a project often get a discount as well as the chance to pick the best units. And once the development becomes established, demand typically increases.
  2. Some developers often offer attractive finance deals or payment schemes, which you won’t get when purchasing an existing resale property. Paying for your property in staged payments suits some buyers.
  3. There may be the chance to negotiate extras into your deal with a new-build purchase. This could be the developer offering you a furniture pack or even membership of a gym or the local golf club as an incentive. One of our developments recently offered a Mini Cabrio car with property purchases!
  4. New properties usually come with a guarantee from the developer, who will also be obliged to take care of any faults when the new owner takes possession, a process known as snagging.
  5. Buying off-plan is exciting as it gives the buyer a certain amount of control over the interior of their property, allowing them to tweak or choose the design, and choose the style and colour of certain fixtures and fittings like flooring, bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. New properties are built using more modern, energy efficient materials than you find in older resale homes. They often incorporate solar or greener energy solutions. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but saves on bills too. Technology within the homes is likely to be up to the minute – think air-con, fibre broadband, home control systems.
  7. There are so many smart, modern new-build properties in sought-after locations with access to good facilities which usually command a premium in the local rental market. Modern developers are experienced in choosing sites where their development benefits from the local amenities.
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