You are about to become the lucky owner of a beautiful Spanish home, but then the doubt strikes. A large part of your savings is  will be invested in real estate. If you have the correct factual information that justifies the purchase, this is a good decision. However, you do not want to pay more than necessary. How do you handle this?

Make sure you have your finances clear before making an offer. That saves all parties a lot of hassle. You can hit nails and make an offer that enables you to act quickly. In most cases, this is a decisive argument for the seller to accept a la (a) g (er) offer.

Do not assume that your offer will be accepted right away. It is customary in Spain that there is still some negotiation back and forth. Also remember that there are many sellers here from different nationalities who each have their own negotiating culture. An agent with experience who has been established in the zone for several years can handle this much easier than a foreigner who does not know the morals and habits of Spain. Even though the market attracts in Spain, it is still advisable to make a lower offer. than the asking price. ‘You have a NO and a YES you can get’.

On the Costa’s, according to the statistics 23 percent is offered lower than the asking price. Please note; that’s the average! There are, of course, many factors that affect this average. I know cases where an offer of 50 percent was accepted, but also where the seller was stiff to his price and only wanted to give a symbolic discount. The outcome of the offer is certainly also dependents on the seller’s need to sell.

Check the prices of recently sold comparable properties in the immediate vicinity.
As a potential buyer, you can have a valuation carried out by a valuation agency.
What did the seller pay for the home at the time? (to get a feeling at his purchase price, profit tax to pay etc.).
Why does it sell? (divorce, inheritance, bought another house, back to fatherland, financial problems, etc.);
With this knowledge a good offer can be determined which ultimately also has a chance of success. We try as an real estate agentcy to look through the eyes of the seller and then to estimate what we can mean for both seller and buyer, with a win / win situation. In addition, consideration must be given to the tax structure; you put it in your name, or (partially) in the name of the children with usufruct for yourself, etc.

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