Coin finca with 42 000 m.2 of land for sale € 199.000.

This finca has 42.000 m.2 of flat ground. It would be perfect as a campsite or riding school.

From Coin it is about 5 km drive on a paved road. The last 2oo meters is a sandy path. After this you will arrive at the finca. The house has been dilapidated, but the construction is good, so that it may be eligible for a thorough renovation.

Further on in the grounds is a large stone shed of 300 m2 which could be converted into washing facilities / restaurants or horse stables.
There is electricity and water on the property. There are 3 water sources spread out. The entire site has a flat surface.
From the finca it is possible to make horseback rides on sand paths through the surrounding mountains.

What is very interesting is that this total site is divided into 7 property deeds of one and the same owner. This means that a part of the land could easily be resold.
There are 2 access roads to the site.
In addition to lying there is a ruin with 10,000 m2 for sale for € 100,000 extra possible.

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More about Coin

Coín is a town and municipality in the Province of Málaga, Spain, c. 33 km west of the provincial capital, Málaga, and about 30 km north of Marbella. The town has an official population of 22,000 inhabitants.

Foreigners now make up a substantial proportion of the town’s inhabitants and are attracted to Coín because it is only 25 minutes from the beaches of Málaga and Marbella, including the 50 km stretch of coastline in between which includes the popular resorts of Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Benalmádena.

The economy was traditionally agriculture, coexisting with marble mining (since Roman times) and ceramics. The latter has been during the twentieth century very important and known, having a color style of its own called “Green Coin”. The most significant ceramics workshop during the past century was the Workshop “Cumbreras” and now work is continuing this traditional ceramic material of Coin, with over 300 years old by local artisans.