During the month of October 2017, 37,228 homes were sold throughout Spain, which is 25.7% more than in the month of October 2016. Of this number of houses, the majority (81.4%) were existing homes and a smaller part (18, 6%) new homes. Most properties were bought in Andalusia in October, while the lowest percentage increase was recorded in Catalonia.

According to data from the Spanish Bureau of Statistics (INE), 7,287 homes were sold in Andalucia in October, an increase of 27.2% compared to October 2016. As a second region, the Comunidad de Madrid is on the list of 6,201 homes sold which is an increase of 50% followed by Catalonia with 5,743 homes and an increase of 12.4%, the lowest percentage of all states in October compared to October 2016. In the Comunidad Valenciana, 5,079 properties were sold, an increase of 19.4% compared to October last year while in the Balearic Islands 1,239 homes were sold, an increase of 21.7%.

In almost all autonomous states in Spain, more existing homes were sold than new homes. In total, 37,228 homes were sold in October this year, of which 30,285 existing homes and 6,943 new homes.

Foreign buyers

In the current October overview of the INE no distinction was made between Spanish buyers and foreign buyers, but at the end of November the newspaper El Confidencial published that during the first half of 2017 the first magical limit of 50,000 homes sold to foreigners was reached. To be precise, 50,087 homes were sold to foreigners between the beginning of January and the end of June, the highest number since 2007 and an increase of 13.4% compared to the first half of 2016. Of the total number of homes sold during the first six months of this year, 19.4% went to foreign buyers, in other words almost 2 out of 10 homes were bought by foreigners.


Between early January and late October, Spain already sold more than 172,000 homes, a small increase compared to the first 10 months in 2016. Andalusia tops the list with 29,780 homes sold followed by Catalonia with 24,178 properties, the Comunidad Valenciana with 23,573 homes and the Comunidad de Madrid with 21,032 dwellings.


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