Buying home in Spain

 Buying home in Spain

There are a number of things you need to consider when buying a house in Spain.

Being Prepared

We at Andaluza Estates aim to find you the property you are looking for and in order to be able to act quickly you need to have the funds available to reserve the property. The minimum lies between € 5.000 and € 6.000 but could be higher for properties with a higher price. This reservation fee can be paid with a credit card or cash, of course a bank transfer is also possible, but the transfer could take some days.

Make sure you have the needed documents available. [See our spanish mortgage]

Choosing Your Property

When you have found your dream property we will negotiate on your behalf with the seller on price and conditions. Conditions for instance could be mortgage approval, advice of lawyer, delivery date, or means of payment.

Andaluza Estates can help you find a lawyer so you can be certain that the buying process is legal and you will not be surprised during or after the sale.

Selecting Your Lawyer:

There are many lawyers on the Costa del Sol that speak your language and Spanish as well. Your lawyer will make sure that everything about the transfer of real estate is done according to Spanish law and free of debt.

Andaluza Estates can recommend local lawyers with expertise and a strong reputation.

Formalizing Your Offer:

As soon as the seller and buyer have a verbal agreement, the next step will be to formalize the offer by means of a so-called reservation contract. The reservation deposit has to be paid into the bank account of your lawyer show your serious interest in the property. The property will be taken of the market.