Estepona is located on the west side of the Costa del Sol. Although the city lies directly on the coast, most of the territory lies within the Sierra Bermeja.

The natural beauty of the mountains and the presence of the spruce forests in the highest part has made this place declared a nature reserve. Estepona is an important center for tourism, thanks to the beautiful beaches and large amount of facilities.

Attractions Estepona

A prominent monument is the “Iglesia de los Remedios”, other attractions are the “Torre del Reloj”, “Plaza de Toros” (bullfighting), La Ermita del Calvario (Hermitage) and various houses or palatial palaces, such as that of the Marquis from Mondejar. In addition, there are a number of archaeological sites from the Roman era.

What is there to do in Estepona?

Estepona has a beautiful harbor for pleasure yachts, where you can enjoy the various water sports facilities. Also playing golf is a possibility in Estepona. Estepona is also worth a visit during one of the many festivals that are numerous here. The most important Fiesta is the Feria, which takes place in the middle of August.

Shopping in Estepona

Estepona has a large amount of locally produced goods, but in addition to the Spanish goods, many larger and international brand names have established themselves here. In the large marina you will find a wide range of nautical shops for boats and other accessories related to the sea. There is also a large shopping center on the Marbella side of the city where, among other things, there is a large Carrefour supermarket. Parking in the center of the city can be difficult, but there is a large parking lot near the shopping center.

Going out in Estepona

Estepona has an interesting nightlife that, like Marbella, does not have its reputation because of what you see immediately when you’re in town, but because of the surprises you get when you visit the backstreets. The city is essentially divided into the port and the immediate vicinity of the center. Instinctively tourists go first to the port, where a large selection of bars and restaurants specialize in fresh fish, but also the usual international range of dishes. Most of the action can be found in the back streets of Estepona. There seems to be no end to the number of small bars hidden around the many narrow curves. The most popular place is Plaza de los Flores (Flower Square) and here you will find a large concentration of bars built around the fountain and garden.

Museums in Estepona

There are several museums, including the municipal museum, an archaeological museum, an ethnographic museum, a museum about bullfighting and a museum about paleontology (fossils).

Market in Estepona

Every Sunday there is a market in the harbor where you can get many bargains and you can go for your souvenirs such as leather leather articles, bijouterie, arts and crafts etc.

Every Wednesday morning there is “El Rastro”, a market held in the open air on Avenida Juan Carlos. Good for fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing etc.

Every day there is a covered market (Mercado de Abastos). This is held in the vicinity of the castle and the Plaza del Reloj. Here you buy fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.

Estepona is a city and municipality in the Spanish province of Málaga in the Andalusia region with an area of ​​137 km². In 2016 Estepona had 69,328 inhabitants.

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