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We understand that everyone is different and that people have personal needs and requirements.
Whatever you are looking for and regardless of budget, we will take the time to fulfill your needs.

This is our passion

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Discover the Costa Del Sol

AndaluzaEstates offers their international clients the perfect experience to find their dream home on the Costa del Sol.

Guidance from experienced real estate agents and/or the developer in viewing the properties of the client’s choice.

We like to explore new challenges and markets

When asked why people do business with Andaluza Estates, the answer is “trust and quality”. Behind “AndaluzaEstates” is a team of motivated and enthusiastic people who have knowledge of the local and regional real estate market.
Because of their experience and thorough training in real estate, we expertly guide you through the purchase or sale of your home or commercial property. For us, quality also means time and attention for you as a customer and just that little bit extra.

Great views. Great homes. Marbella.

What we can do for you

Experienced broker

Knowledge of the local market, laws and regulations, provisions and possibilities

Expert Negotiators

We advise you about the opening bid and agree with you the maximum amount you want to pay

Amazing Testimonials

Many customers preceded you

Dedicated team

Your dream house becomes reality

New Media Professionals

The wishes are central, where we analyze the business and technical sides

Serving All San Diego

Due to our large network we can offer a lot

Personal brokers

Meet the team

The real estate agency with a unique vision on buying and selling your home.